Ahhh, today is a good day! I’m just so happy to be alive! Praise the Lord for all his blessings! I’m in such a good mood…don’t know why! Just am.

So, yesterday I visited with Sam at her new place. Oh my goodness her upstairs neighbors were so loud! Sam was about to go insane!

“I’ve knocked on their door so many times! No one ever answers it!”

“No one answers?”

“Yeah, I was talking to my other neighbors and non of them have met the people above me. Like they just make noise all day and all night and no one can do anything about it. Supposedly they moved in about a week before I did.”

“Gosh! It sounds like they are moving furniture around up there! What in the world?”

“I don’t even know…I’m just so fed up with it!” Sam put her head in her hands and sat on her couch. I scooted next to her and patted her back.

“Don’t worry hun. I’ve got this.” I sprung up and grabbed her broomstick. BANG! “That’ll show them!” I giggled insanely with Sam. I’m pretty sure I’m going crazy. I had way too much fun with it that broomstick.

Then… silence.

“Wow…” Sam’s eyebrows shot up.


Even louder than before…

“Seriously!”  I roll my eyes and shrug to Sam. “Can you do anything?”

“I don’t know…I’ll talk to the others and see what they want to do about it. For now, earplugs will do.”



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