School is pretty good, but…

So far, I LOVE having just the younger children. I think I’m better at teaching them anyways. Miss Yoder is younger than me and has more ideas and probably a little more of an understanding about the older kids’ ways. I haven’t had too many problems yet. Just a few crying children who don’t want to go to school, miss their mothers, and end up going home halfway through the day. Typical kindergarteners. I only have them MWF, which is good because sometimes they can be a little too much. Thank goodness for my aide, Patty. She is definitely a life saver.

Also, Miss Yoder ended up getting an aide also.

Beth… Paul’s ex.

I don’t think Beth knew that I didn’t approve of her when she and Paul had a fling, but I think she kind of make that conclusion herself anyway. She’s right, of course, but thou shalt not judge. She probably is a nice girl underneath, but I just can’t imagine that. I’m judging her to be a rotten girl who just creates trouble all of the time. It might be a false statement, but… you know. UGH…. Thou shalt not judge, Penelope. Thou shalt not judge.

Anyway, since she is Miss Yoder’s aide now, she is with us all the time. Miss Yoder knows about Beth’s reputation. She has to. Every knows. But Miss Yoder won’t say anything about it. It’s awkward… because Beth still likes Paul.

It was the first day of school. I was just getting ready to pass out name tags. Then I felt a tapping on my shoulder.

I turned around and saw Beth’s face. “Aaahhh…” I took a step back and realizing I was freaking her out, I tried to save myself. “AaaahhhHELLO, Beth. I thought you graduated a few years ago…” I meant it to be a joke, but she’s not the brightest Crayon in the box and I wouldn’t be surprised if she HADN’T passed the 8th grade yet.

“Hey, Penelope. I am Emma’s new aide.”

“Oh… thanks for telling me.” I smile, but I just want her to go away.

“How’s Paul doing?”

“He’s okay…”

“Will you try and hook us back up? I miss him a lot.”

“No…. I think he’s already moved on. I’m really sorry.”

She puts her hands on her hips. “Oh. Who is that?”

“Uhh, maybe you should ask HIM that.” I start to pass out the nametags to each child. I hate being cornered…

“Okay… I’ll text him tonight.”

“Okay…” Finally she walks away and I feel like I can breathe. I didn’t know if Paul had started courting Abigail yet so I didn’t want to say anything.

And that’s kind of how all last week went. I really hope she stops aiding soon or something… She’s barely Amish. Then again, either am I.



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