If Kids Don’t Want To…

If the kids in my class don’t want to do an assignment they usually smile and do it anyway, but since Billy (The same boy who has been out to get me since I started teaching) started to speak up the kids have rebelled against me.

Today I assigned the homework to the older kids because Miss Yoder had to leave early.

“I want you to write five pages on your Summer break-”
I start to assign the first “hard-ish” thing of the year.

“Five?” Billie snaps back.

“Yes, Billie. Sit down and raise your hand the next time you have a question.”

“What if I don’t want to?”

“That’s just too bad. You want to pass this year, right? Than you have to do the assignments I tell you.”


“Excuse me?”

“I said no. I’m done with all this work. I’m just plain done with it.”

“Then I guess you’ll have to repeat this year.” I stare at him sternly.


“Yes, that’s what happens when you don’t have enough credits.”

“Nope.” He shrugs and sits down in his chair.

“Billie’s right.” A 7th grade girl stands up slightly shaking. “I have too much on my plate right now. I don’t need anymore.”

“Why is everyone getting so worked up? It’s just five pages!”

“Because we are sick of it! Why do we have to learn? It’s stupid!” Another boy shouts from the back of the classroom.

“That’s just too bad. You’re doing the assignment and that’s final. Also you’ll have a letter sent home with you for your parents. Anymore comments?”  Silence. “Questions?” Silence. “Demands?” Silence. “That’s what I thought.” They all take their seats and glare at me.

What has gotten into these children?!


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