If He’s a Mumbler…Deal Breaker!

Sam called me yesterday a little distraught.

“Pen!” She screams on the phone. “This guy asked me out!”

“Wait, what? Who?” I stumble to process all that she spouting out at me.

“This guy I had a shoot with last week asked me for my number. Yesterday, he called me up and wants to go to dinner tonight!”

“What did you say?”

“I panicked and said yes…”

“That’s so amazing, Sam!”

“No…” She pauses. “It’s not good.”

“Why, Sammy? You’re taking a first step into dating again! Oh…are you still not ready?”

‘No, I’m not completely ready. I mean I could be, but this guy, Pen. He’s not exactly my type…He’s really weird!”

“Then why’d you say yes?”

“I didn’t know what else to say!”

“How about ‘No’?” I smirk through the phone.

“Very funny, Pen.” I feel her glaring back. “Anyway, he’s a weirdo. Like he could be crazy! He’s a mumbler too! You know how much that bugs me! I’m a loud person! I can deal with someone kind of quiet, but a mumbler! A MUMBLER, PEN! That’s a deal breaker for me.” I can hear her getting out of breath on the other end.

“OK, calm down. It’s just one date. It’s not like you’re going to get married tonight. It’s too late to cancel and you’d have to think of a reason why. So just go and enjoy a free meal.” I hear her breathing slow.

“Yeah, OK.” She inhales.”I’ll go tonight. Just pray I don’t strangle that mumbler!” We laugh.

“Have fun, Sammy!”

“Right…” She rolls her eyes. “I’ll call you tomorrow and tell you how it goes.”


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