Joey Turns One!

I can’t believe that my baby is one year old now! Time sure flies! We had a cute little party with all of our close friends and family. We let Joey have his own little cake so he could dig his hands into it and get really messy! It was probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  

On an other note, Joseph’s assistant manager (A kind of creepy single man who started working there a few months ago) Greg came to the party. It was kind of awkward that he even came. I was talking to Joseph about the party in front of Greg and next thing I know he’s planning on coming to it. I’m not really sure how it happened. Anyway, he showed up and was quiet most of the night until Joseph left for a moment to take a phone call secretly from one of his suppliers at work. Greg came over and started talking to me. 

“So, you have a really cute son.” He ndoded his head and had a blank expression on his face.

“Oh, thanks. He is pretty adorable. Get’s it from his daddy.”

“Really? I think he gets it from you. I mean…look at you.”

“Ummm thanks.”

“You know when I was working on this dresser yesterday at TWW, I hurt my knee.”

“Did you tell Joseph?” 

“Nah, I’m fine, I suppose, but you could kiss me and make it better.” 

“Okay.” With out hesitation I kissed my hand and slaped it on his knee really hard. I know that’s not what he meant, but I’d rather look stupid than reject him or make a scene at the party. 

“Ouch, hehe…” He laughed nervously and cleared his throat. “Joseph is a really lucky man to have you.”

“Oh, I know.” I feel my self getting sassy as a natural self defense from his creepiness. Seriously, who tries to kiss a married woman at her son’s birthday party!!? 

“You deserve better.” 

“Better than you…”

“No, I mean Joseph.” He didn’t understand my sarcasm. 

I sigh, “I’m a married woman.”

“I know.”

“Then please, stop flirting with me.”

“What about the last time I saw you?”

“What do you mean?” I started to fidget. 

“You and I were like magic. We were flirting and talking… It was wonderful.”

“You don’t understand. I wasn’t flirting with you. I was being nice.”

“Oh…I guess I’ll leave then.” 

He somewhat stormed off and I run over to Sam and whisper all that happened. She starts to gut laugh out loud and Greg sees us from across the room laughing. He looked so sad and brokenhearted. He just slowly walked out of the house and I felt horrible. Poor guy… I don’t really know what to do about it.


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