Greg Talk

I decided to bring up the whole Greg thing to Joseph just so I don’t have the awkwardness hanging over my head. I think he deserves to know. It’s kind of awkward, but hey we have to be open about everything with each other.

Joseph was feeding Joey at the kitchen table early in the morning. I waltzed up to them and just kind of told him what happened. It was total word vomit.

“I see.” Joseph paused and then continued to feed Joey.

“So…” I just stood there unsure of what else to say. “Do you think we need to do something about it?”

“Not really, I mean I knew Greg was weird when I hired him, but he’s really good at his job.”

“I’m not asking you to fire him. Maybe talk to him.” I started fidgeting.

“No, I don’t think that’s necessary.” Joseph seemed so calm.

“Um, I don’t think you heard my story right. He tried to kiss me, Joseph.” I got a little stern and bordering on mad because it was like he didn’t even care.

“Yeah, I know. I get that, but you rejected him and he knows not to do that anymore. I think it’s best if we just forget it.”

“Why are you being so chill about it? I would be mad if the same thing happened to you.”

“You see, Penelope, Greg is an odd person. Things like that are to be expected. I can’t really say anything without him possibly freaking out and/or quitting. So, just forget it, okay.”

I just stood there with my mouth agape. “Okay… I guess.”


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