Sam Thinks About It

Sam chatted with me over lunch yesterday. We sat down at the kitchen table and I just went into what I really wanted to find out.

“Have you thought about whether or not you want to pursue English modeling?”

“Yeah, and I talked to my agent. I have one scheduled.”

“Really!?”  I got excited. “What is it?”

“Well, that’s the problem. You see it’s a bikini shoot for a local retailer.”

“Bikini? We aren’t even really supposed to show our ankles, Sam. That’s a little weird. You wearing a bikini while you swim at my house is one thing, but having it out there for all eyes to see is another. Are you really going through with this?”

“You know what, I think I am. I don’t know why, but I really want to. This is just part of my secret English lifestyle. I need to see how it is. If I feel horrible afterward, I’ll know I need to pick other jobs.”

“Oh, wow, so you really are following through with this?”

“Yeah, I am. I know it’s crazy, but I need this.”

“Okay… You’re old enough to decide so, go ahead.”

“I’m a little scared honestly.” Sam stood up and started to pace the floor.

“Then don’t do it.”

“Pen, please don’t try to talk me out of this. I want to do it!”




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