My Amish School

     A lot of people lately have been asking my school. Questions often come up, like, “What grades do you teach?”, “Are the kids rowdy?” and “Do you like your job?”. I am more than pleased to answering these questions!

     School starts at 8 and ends at 3, and I teach grades 1-8. Amish children graduate around 14 years old, then they are either employed at a workplace or kept at home to do chores for the family. Rarely do the kids go on to high school or furthermore, college. Of course, this higher education is only available in “English” schools. I have heard many cases of smart Amish children not receiving a higher level of education because of their parent’s wishes (You know, we are very private people. Lots of the elders claim that if their child goes on to an “English” environment, they might choose to continue living that way, being forever shunned by the Amish community). My class this year is 39 kids. Not bad, considering last year there was 43! This is my second year of teaching.

     Are the kids rowdy? Not really. Of course… some days are just overall bad days, but the majority of them are pretty good. Amish children are raised in a quiet, mannerly, and respectful way, so they usually act like that in school too. I am very thankful for being an Amish teacher… when I went to college for teaching, I had to “shadow” some teachers in public schools. I was shocked to see kids just start talking out of nowhere, and getting loud without the teacher noticing. These things make me happy for being raised Amish!

     Do I love my job? Of course! 🙂 It’s the best job anyone could ever have… Protecting them, teaching them to their best ability, and disciplining them when necessary. I love them, and sometimes I think they forget how much I really do care about them. 🙂


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