English Modeling

Sam came over after a modeling job last night. We were going to have dinner and watch a movie just the two of us…and our babies. The night was going fine, but then Sam got “that look” in here eyes.

“Do we need to talk?” I paused the movie.

“Yeah… my agent wants me to branch out into other fields besides just Amish book covers and what not. Like English stuff. There will be more money, but…I’m going to have to move if I really want my career to take off.” She bit her lip waiting for me to explode or something.

“Wow…that’s really big. Are you considering it? I mean, the other day you were upset because Jason is English and you don’t want to convert. Are you second guessing that? You know, if you move you’ll be…shunned.”

“I know! That’s my problem! I really, really want to pursue this, but I can’t turn my back on my roots. I want to raise the twins in an Amish way.”

“Well, for goodness sake don’t tell anyone else, okay.”

“I’ve only told you and I won’t spread that information. If only there was a way to have both.”

“Well there isn’t, I’m sorry, there isn’t.”

“Calm down. I know. It sucks.”

“Maybe there are some local jobs you could do that are English and figure out how far you want to take it. We’ve kept lots of secrets from the elders and Momma and Poppa. We can keep this one until you figure it out.”

“That’s a good idea, Pen.”

“I know, I’m a genius.” We both laugh.